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Tugrul Keskin - Sociology Online - Spring 2009 Chapter 1 The Sociological Perspective I. The Sociological Perspective. A. Sociology is the systematic study of human society. B. The sociological perspective (Berger, 1963) helps us to see general social patterns in the behavior of particular individuals ( the general in the particular) . C. It also encourages us to realize that society guides our thoughts and deeds — to see the strange in the familiar (Berger, 1963). D. Sociology also encourages us to see personal choice in social context. 1. For example, Emile Durkheim’s (1858-1917) research showed that the suicide rate was strongly influenced by the extent to which people were socially integrated with others. 2. Global Map 1–1 (p. 4): Women’s Childbearing in Global Perspective. A look around the world shows that childbearing is not a personal choice. Women living in poor countries have many more children than women living in high-income nations. E. The greater people’s social marginality, the better able they are to use the sociological perspective. Just as social change encourages sociological thinking, sociological thinking can bring about social change. Chapter Objectives - The Sociological Perspective 1) Define sociology and examine the components of the sociological perspective. 2) Explain the importance of a global perspective for sociology. 3) Examine how social marginality and social crisis encourage people to use the sociological perspective. 4)
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Chapter Objectives - Tugrul Keskin - Sociology Online -...

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