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Ch 8-9 - Chapter 8 Sexuality and Society Understanding...

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Chapter 8: Sexuality and Society Understanding Sexuality Sex: A biological Issue e Sex- the biological distinction between females and males e A child’s sex is determined biologically at the moment of conception Sex and the Body e Primary sex characteristics- the genitals, organs used for reproduction e Secondary sex characteristics- bodily development, apart from the genitals, that distinguishes biologically mature females and males e Sex is not the same thing as gender e Gender- an aspect of culture that refers to the personal traits and patterns of behavior that a culture attached to being female or male e Intersexual People Intersexual people- people whose bodies have both female and male characteristics Intersexual people=hermaphrodites e Transsexuals People who feel they are one sex even though biologically they are the other Gender reassignment- surgical alteration of their genitals Sex: A Cultural Issue e Cultural variation Alfred Kinsey The Incest Taboo e Incest taboo- a norm forbidding sexual relations or marriage between certain relatives e Reproduction between close relatives of any species raises the odds of producing offspring with mental or physical problems e Controlling sexuality among close relatives is a necessary element of social organization Sexual Attitudes in the U.S
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Both restrictive and permissive The Sexual Revolution e Roaring Twenties- millions of women and men migrated from farms and small towns to growing cities: apart from families, meet new people in the workplace= more sexual freedom e After 1945, Alfred Kinsey set the stage for the “sexual revolution” Wrote 2 books Encouraged a new openness toward sexuality, which helped set the sexual revolution in motion The Sexual Counterrevolution Premarital Sex e Sexual intercourse before marriage Sex between Adults Extramarital Sex e Adultery e Sex outside of marriage Sex over the Life Course Sexual Orientation h Sexual orientation- a person’s romantic and emotional attraction to another person e Heterosexuality- sexual attraction to someone of the other sex e Homosexuality- sexual attraction to someone of the same sex e Bisexuality- sexual attraction to people of both sexes e Asexuality- a lack of sexual attraction to people of either sex What gives us a Sexual Orientation?
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