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Dr. Resh Spring 2009 Sample Exam Questions Ecology MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Introduced or exotic species A) often fail to colonize the new area. B) may become common enough to become pests. C) can disrupt the balance of the natural species with which they become associated. D) B and C only E) A, B, and C are all correct. 2) Which of the following is responsible for the summer and winter stratification of lakes? A) Water is densest at 4 ε C. B) Oxygen is most abundant in deeper waters. C) Winter ice may carry over until spring thaw. D) Stratification is caused by a thermocline. E) Stratification always follows the fall and spring turnovers. 3) Which of the following statements best describes the interaction between fire and ecosystems? A) The chance of fire in a given ecosystem is highly predictable over the short term. B) Many kinds of plants and plant communities have adapted to frequent fires. C) The prevention of forest fires has allowed more productive and stable plant communities to develop. D) Chaparral communities have evolved to the extent that they rarely burn. E) Fire is unnatural in ecosystems and should be prevented. 4) You are observing a population of lizards when you notice that the number of adults has increased and is higher than previously observed. A likely explanation for such an observation would include A) reduction in death rate. B) increased immigration.
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ReshSampleExamQuest - Biology 1B Dr. Resh Spring 2009...

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