Anthro09-20 - Anthro 09/20 Sex and Gender Sex versus Gender...

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Anthro 09/20 Sex and Gender Sex versus Gender -sex is biologically determined -gender is culturally determined - Different cultures have distinctive ideas about males and females -these ideas define manhood/masculinity and womanhood/femininity - different culture have different ideas of gender and gender roles - it changes through time as well Multiple gender identities -many societies have more than two gender - a third of fourth gender of man-woman or woman-man, not woman, not man - Well documented among 150 different Native American cultures - In Native American culture there was a positive reaction to them - one example shamans- Berdache (Navajo) Sexual division of labor - patterned ways in which productive and other economic tasks are allocated to men and women - Division of labor on the basis of sex is found in all cultures although the specific tasks performed may vary. - In china father takes care of the child most often Factors in sexual divison of labor - physical strength- work tasks requiring greater strength performed by males - fertility maintenance- prolonged physical exercise can depress femal fertility, so most strenuous tasks are done by males - there are social factors as well - in Africa women do 90% of the agriculture work - child care- women tend to perform tasks that can be combined efficiently with child care. - if women were paid for being household mom. Average 90 hours a week would equate to 163K Components of gender stratification - the social roles men and women perform. -the cultural value attached to women’s and men’s contributions to their families and other groups - Female deference to males - Access to positions of power and influence - use to be that some people believed women were to emotional -control over personal decision-making -gender beliefs and ideas about the sexes - such as women are naturally nurturing, males are natural violent
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Anthro09-20 - Anthro 09/20 Sex and Gender Sex versus Gender...

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