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Recommended Problems for Chapter 17 Problems from Oxtoby: Ch. 11: 27-38 Ch. 17: 1-7, 9, 17-26, 43-47, 49-50, 65-66, 73 Oxtoby is more calculation-focused than we are; these are intended to help you understand the various aspects of the material and not generally representative of exam questions. Questions similar to some of the more conceptual questions could be exam-like. Practicing the numerical computations is an important component of learning these concepts. You will need to solve questions covering the same
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Unformatted text preview: equations and ideas to do well in the course, just at a lower level of mathmetical difficulty or that emphasize what the equations mean , which practice calculations can help you see. The answers to selected problems from the above will be posted on a later date. You should rely on your own work, your classmates, your GSI, and office hours to determine if you have the correct answers to the other problems. Additional problems will be posted separately on a later date. 1...
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