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MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY CVL 1040 CO-CURRICULUM - VOLLEYBALL ASSIGNMENT 1 Base on the questionnaires given below, you are to write in brief regarding the HISTORY OF VOLLEYBALL. Assignment to be handed up on Tuesday, 19 March 2009. 1. Where was volleyball originated? 2. Who created the game, when and what was it called then? 3. He blended the game with some elements of a few sports. What are the sports? 4. When was the name changed to ‘volleyball’ and why? 5. When was the first 2-man beach game played and when was the first 2-man beach volleyball tournament held? 6. When was FIVB founded and what does FIVB stands for? 7. Where was the first Men World Championship held and when? 8. In which Olympic Games was volleyball introduced? 9. Who won the men and women gold medals when volleyball was first played as an
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Unformatted text preview: Olympics team sport? 10. Who won the men’s gold medal in the Munich Olympics? 11. Who won the men and women gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics? 12. When was the 2-man beach volleyball added to the Olympics? 13. How and when was volleyball introduced to Malaysia? 14. When was MAVA established and when was it affiliated to FIVB & OCM? 15. What does MAVA stands for and who is the President of MAVA? 16. What do you know about the “Far-Eastern” Volleyball System? 17. How old is the game VOLLEYBALL in 2008? 18. Where is the FIVB headquarters? 19. Who is FIVB 1 st president? 20. Who is the current FIVB president and where is he from? Lymcvl1040mmu...
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