ORG COMP - Organising Competitions To organise any...

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Organising Competitions To organise any competition, it is necessary to set up a Competition Organising Committee so that specific duties can he given and carried out by the various subcommittees. A Competition Organising Committee can be, made up of the following: Chairperson: Vice-Chairperson: Secretary: Treasurer: Committee Members for: Court Facilities Technical Referees Refreshment Seating etc Types Of Competition The types of formats normally used are: I: League System II: Knock-out System I: League System The league system is suitable for team games like football, hockey, softball, handball, netball, sepak takraw and so on. For individual games like badminton, tennis, ping-pong, squash and others, the league system can also be used if the number of participants are not that many and the competition can be carried out over a longer period of time. The types of league used are: a) One-round League where the winners based on points are determined after each team having played against each other once. b) One round League where the top two teams in the group meet again in the finals to determine the eventual winners. c)
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ORG COMP - Organising Competitions To organise any...

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