Human Communication in Society (Book alone)

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7: Communication Across Cultures Importance of Intercultural Communication- Likely to communicate better both domestically and internationally, improving business effectiveness, intergroup relations, and self-awareness Increased Opportunities for intercultural contact- Low-cost, easy travel- Growing cultural diversity within the United States- The internet Enhanced Business Effectiveness- Workforce becoming more diverse; business are expanding beyond national borders often to former colonies where the colonizer’s language is firmly established but wages are lower (U.S. India)- International business failures are caused often by lack of attention to cultural factors Improved intergroup Relations- Intercultural comm. Can facilitate interethnic relations- Mediation: peaceful third-party intervention Enhanced Self-awareness- Intercultural exploration begins as a journey into the cultures of others but often results in increased self-knowledge and understanding What is Intercultural Communication- intercultural communication : communication that occurs in interactions between people who are culturally different- Occurs on a continuum with communication between people who are relatively similar in cultural backgrounds on one and people who are extremely different culturally on the other (you & parents = low level of intercuturalness)- Two essential components: o Culture o Communication Intercultural Communication on the borders- border dwellers: people who live between cultures and often experience contradictory cultural patterns, moving between ethnicities, races, religions, languages, socioeconomic...
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chapter7 - Chapter 7 Communication Across Cultures...

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