Chapter 12

Human Communication in Society (Book alone)

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Chapter 12: Communication and Media What are media? - mediated comm. Refers to comm. That is transmitted through a channel (media; plural of medium) - culture industries: large organizations in the business of mass comm. That produce, distribute, or show various media texts (cultural products) as an industry - mass-market paperbacks: popular books addressed too a wide audience and widely distributed - e-books: electronic books read on a computer screen instead of a printed page - popular music is another form of mass media The individual and media - interested in impact media has on individuals and how individuals decide which messages to consume or avoid - active agents: seekers of various media messages and resisters of others How media messages impact the individual - linear model: portrayal of comm. As a process occurring largely in one direction - its simplicity cannot account for the mltiple ways that people respond to media - mass media effects: the influence that media have on people’s everyday lives - downward spiral model: describes the powerful negative influence the media interaction has on youth How individuals choose media messages - media text: a tv show, ad, movie, or other media event - they need to know which audience group to study - interested in not only what we choose but how we choose -
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Communication and Media What are...

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