chapter 6

Human Communication in Society (Book alone)

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Chapter 6 – Nonverbal Communication The importance of nonverbal communications - nonverbals help us express and interpret the verbal aspects of communication - key component of communication - 5 ways to interpret verbal message nonverbally - By repeating a message—winking while saying “I’m just kidding” - By highlighting or emphasizing a message—pointing at the door while saying “Get out” - By complementing or reinforcing a message—whispering while telling a secret - By contradicting a message—tone + rolling eyes - Through substituting for a message—shaking one’s head to indicate disagreement What is Nonverbal Communication - Nonverbal behavior: all the nonverbal actions people perform - Nonverbal communication: nonverbal behavior that has symbolic meaning - Over 90% of the meaning of a message is transmitted by its nonverbal elements - Nonverbal behavior is communicative when (1) members of a social group regularly use it to communicate, (2) the social group typically interprets it as intentional , and (3) the members have a recognized , agreed-upon interpretation for the behavior Nonverbal Communication and the Individual Influences on Nonverbal Communication - Meaning of any nonverbal behavior is defined by the cultures of those interacting - Relationship between the people interacting affects the meaning of nonverbal behaviors - Meaning we attribute to someone’s nonverbal behavior varies based on how well we know the communicator - We tend to interpret individuals’ nonverbal behavior based on their sex Nonverbal codes - Nonverbal codes: distinct, organized means of expression that consists of symbols and rules for their
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chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Nonverbal Communication The...

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