120ALecture5Handout - lecture. What is the role of...

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Lecture -5 Handout Be familiar with all words/concepts that appear in bold in the assigned readings. Concepts from textbook that were discussed (mentioned) in class today: Chapter – 1: Amnesia Imagine what would your life will be like if you lost your (a) Long term memory (b) Short term memory. Think of movies in which these two deficiencies have been portrayed. Learning history? Transcendental method o How do we make inferences? Working memory o span test/ digit span o Central executive. Phonological buffer, Visuospatial buffer o How is info stored in the above mentioned buffer for the situation following situations while driving Shadowing a radio conversation Generating word that involves some visual imagery Talking on cell-phone Chapter – 3: What happens when there is a conflict between visual and auditory inputs? o E.g. ventriloquism What is parsing? Use it to explain the star-parallelogram example shown in
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Unformatted text preview: lecture. What is the role of perceptual organization? Pg 69: Compare & contrast the ways in which our perceptual system & an good scientist process data Tachistoscopic presentation What are the factors that influence recognition of words? Priming effects Word Superiority Effect (WSE) Feature detectors What role do bigrams play in a feature net? Point out some differences between the pandemonium and the M&R model. o M&R = McClelland & Rumelhart How are these models similar? Draw arrows in a M & R model to show bottom up & top down influences Describe the concept of distributed knowledge o The example of an unsavory neighborhood with two gangs-the Sharks & the Jets. Feature detector models Interactive models...
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120ALecture5Handout - lecture. What is the role of...

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