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outline - Basque separatists and then loosing the general...

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Dear James , I would love to be able to write the paper on the affect of Al Qaeda’s bombing in Madrid and Spain pulling troops out of Iraq. 1. Question; why did Al Qaeda bomb Madrid? And how did this affect international politics? 2. Actors; Spanish president at the time of the bombing/ the Spanish people And Al Qaeda 3. There were the possible courses of actions: Al Qaeda could have bombed or no bombed the Madrid train station The Spanish president could have exposed that the actual bombers were in fact the Iraqi terrorist group or the president could have claimed that the bombing was from the Basque separatists in the North part of the country. 4. The possible outcomes could have been the following 1.Al Qaeda not bomb Madrid therefore having the Spanish solider still be in Iraq 2.Al Qaeda bombing Madrid and the president admitting that it was the terrorist group and then state that threat as another reason why to still keep troupes in Iraq 3.AQ bombing Madrid and the president masking the terrorist groups actions with the
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Unformatted text preview: Basque separatists and then loosing the general election and allowing a left president into office in Spain which lead to the withdraw of troops from Iraq 5. The president of Spain would prefer outcomes 1 and 2 over three because he was still in office and had the troops in Iraq. Al Qaeda however would prefer outcome three because the troop presence in Iraq would be non existent 6. I plan on using the power model (the latest one we learned in class) where Al Qaeda changes the original outcomes of the game by bombing the country 7. This relates because Al Qaeda changes Spain’s original outcomes by bombing Madrid and therefore imposing fear and pressure for the Spanish to withdraw troops from Iraq. 8.Model?? I am just confused about how I need to attach the model I hope this kind of makes sense I know it is really confusing now but I think this topic would be very interesting. I am open to changing my approach on the topic I would just love keep this topic Thanks Amelia...
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