BUS 360-Syllabus-Spring 2009

BUS 360-Syllabus-Spring 2009 - BUS 360 MARKETING MANAGEMENT...

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BUS 360 – MARKETING MANAGEMENT – SPRING 2009 Section 001: Nelson Hall - Room 3400 - M,W,F - 10:15am - 11:05am Section 002: Nelson Hall - Room 1150 - M,W,F - 11:20am - 12:10pm Syllabus Instructor : Philip B. Reuschle Office: Nelson Hall – Room 2337 E-Mail: [email protected] Phone: 881-0167 (Home office - feel free to call) Web site: http://courses.ncsu.edu/bus360/lec/001/ or /002/ Textbook : Marketing: Concepts and Strategies , 14th Edition, Copyright 2008 By: William M. Pride and O.C. Ferrell Study Guide : Use pass-key bundled with new book or buy pass-key on-line from publisher to access publisher’s web-site which provides extra study materials and sample questions. Course Objective : From a managerial perspective you will understand, discuss, apply the principles of marketing and the marketing process, and understand marketing’s overall significance to business, our economy, and our society. Grade Criteria : Assignment Weight Grading Scale Exam 1 20% 90-92(A-) 93-96(A) 97+(A+) Exam 2 20% 80-82(B-) 83-86(B) 87-89(B+) Exam 3 20% 70-72(C-) 73-76(C) 77-79(C+) Exam 4 20% 60-62(D-) 63-66(D) 67-69(D+) Exam 5 20% 00-59(F) Optional Final 20% (Can replace any one of the 5 exams) Exams : There will be five exams throughout the semester. Each has 40 questions and accounts for 20% of your overall grade. There is also an optional final exam that can be used to replace any one of the five regular exams. All exams will be multiple choice. Most questions will come from the book. However, each exam will include questions from material only covered in the classroom. Academic Integrity
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This note was uploaded on 04/21/2009 for the course BUS 360 taught by Professor Kimbrough during the Spring '08 term at N.C. State.

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BUS 360-Syllabus-Spring 2009 - BUS 360 MARKETING MANAGEMENT...

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