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ASTR 1010 Introductory Astronomy: Solar System Review Sheet for Mid-Term 2 – Monday Oct 15 th in class 9-9.50am BRING: Pencil, eraser, 1 “cheat sheet” (2-sides, 8.5” x 11”) of notes – calculator optional. The exam will be very similar to MT1 ~5 pages of multiple-choice questions. 1 page will be repeat or variations on questions from MT1. So, study the answers to MT1. Note that you can write all the formulae on your cheat-sheet – but you not going to need to “plug and chug” numbers into a formula – rather you will be expected to know how the formula works – e.g., for F=MA, if you double M what happens to F Reading from Cosmic Perspectives (Bennett et al.) 4 th edition. Up to end of Chapter 4. Additional resources: Class notes – see “Notes” on CULearn Homeworks – see posted answers Lab work – Measuring the Mass of the Earth, Kepler’s 3 rd Law, Colorado Model Solar System Mastering Astronomy: Tutorials on the following topics… Orbits and Kepler’s Laws
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