Fall_2007_Hwk4_solution - MAE 94 l-Eemeworlg Set ii 4{29...

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Unformatted text preview: MAE 94 l-Eemeworlg Set ii 4 {29 points} Pmblem l: Use 110 more than 1W0 she}? sentences 53f phrases {0 define— or fiescribe that following terminalogies: 1. Half Seciion: Answer: The cutting plane of a halfsection passes halfway through. the object, which results in a seciienal View that shaws halfihe {misidc and halfthe inside of the object. 2. Revolved Seciion: A revolve-d secéian is a crosswsection that is revolved am} superimposed on an orthographic View. A waterline is shown which lndicaie-s the axis ofzevolution and the symmetyy asseciatcd with the revolved seciion. 3. Offset Seciien: Answer: An {affset section is thaws ta include features 0? a part 110% locaied in a straight line. The cating plans may be snapped, DI’ offset, at right angles t0 pass {hm-ugh these features. An offsei section is drawn as if {he offsets were in one plane, and the offsets are aot indicated in the sectien View. 4. Broken—outficmmn; Asswer: When it is necessary is Show only a pardon ofihe pearl in section, the sectional area is limited by a fréehafld break line, and the section is called a broken—Out scciica'n. .. . . . .. .. ,. . .. .. . , Answer: Rammed secfiens Show :he special or transitional deiaiis ofa part. The}! are like revolved sections, except that {hay are placed gutsidc the. principal View. ('40 points) Emblem 2: 3. {Draw {11M section View ofthe given part. as inciicaied by {he cuLiing—piafle line! and b. Begigr} this pan in Auméesk 'Envemor and vezify the answer of your part a by usng the same sculion View in Ailiodesk Envenion Upmad the Autodesk Inventor fiie 13110 CourseWe'b as “<y0ur last 1‘:ame>whwk4mprob3 ' (4f? poinis) Pmbie‘m 3: 53. Draw the fail section View ofthe given 92m. as indicated by the cutting—plane line, and b. Dmign this: part in Autotéeséc lnvenmr and verify the answer of yarn“ pan :1 by using the same. section View in Aumdask Inventor. Up'ioad the Autodesk Inventor me, into CeLu-SeWeb as “<your East 11211216?“th _pmb3 MWMMM . L} Wmmmj g 3 A ... .M ... W 3am»me ! i wow.» M 1 ...
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Fall_2007_Hwk4_solution - MAE 94 l-Eemeworlg Set ii 4{29...

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