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Fall_2007_Hwk6_solution - MAR 94 Homework Set it 6 ems Si...

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Unformatted text preview: MAR 94 Homework Set it 6 ems: Si 1.): {2!} points) Wooten: l: 1. Describe in 2—3 sentences the difference between Roughness and Waviness. Draw a sketch to illustrate the difference. Roughness describes the finest of the irregularities in the surfacs. Waviness is a wideiy spaceo‘ variation that exceeds the roughness width cutoff. Roughness may be regarded as superimposed on a wavy surface. Roughness is measured in micro—inches or micrometers, whereas wavéness is measured in inches or millimeters. ~ - - ' ' 2. A shaft has dimensitms (4500, 4.495) and a hole has éimensions (4.502, 4.498). What had. ot‘a fit do the shaft and the hole taken together constituie? sets define the loosest and tightest fits first. Loosest fit : max(hote) — min(sha€t) = 4.592 — 4.495 = positive .007. “tightest Fit = min (hots) — max{shaft) = 23.498 w 4500 = negative .002. This means the fit can be a clearance fit 0; an interference fit depending on where the actual dimensions fall. Hence, this is a case of a fiansition fit. 3. Whatdo thesetwo symboismeanza} H , b) ‘? stands for a Lay concentric with the center of the surface stands for 5: Lay parallel to the serface to which the symbol is applied 4. Segue (i) a List: ESL, (ii) an latcrfcrence fit Lise fit can result in a contact of surfaces or a Clearance between them depending on the actual dimensions of the mating parts. lnterfesefiee es is a fit that always results in an interference between the two assembled parts. _ assesses figFiMi‘?‘5§eJ as 54543 erg“.- wfieaéegsam‘ fiffififiyfigggj a§ assesses} gigs. fies New eta fieam) eefi” 5. A miting process leaves marks on the surface of the machined part. What type of surface texture is left on the workpiece by this muting process? The surface texture ie‘l‘t by the production method used is called Lay. Lay is the direction of the sun‘ace oasem and is determieed by the productéon method uses. (if you answeted Roughness, that’s OK, too.) Pm?)le 2: (30 points) En one of the parts that you dimensioned in homewofli #5 (see below), pick any 5 dimensions and apply tolemnces t0 :hem. Of {he live. two dimensions shezild be unilateral and three bilateral. Please assume that holes are drilled, slots and all exterior surfaces are milled. Specify surface finish fer suyface indicated by A. , . ’ysg if i W24 A ., ‘k f .. s. my ll- » i if? ' H ____ __ i _ E _ 5 7. «mi-$8 @23-uacgé ...
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Fall_2007_Hwk6_solution - MAR 94 Homework Set it 6 ems Si...

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