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Soc Notes 2 - Functions of Culture I Structural-Functional...

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Functions of Culture I. Structural-Functional A. Explains culture as a complex strategy for meeting human needs B. Draws fro philosophical doctrine of idealism C. Structural-functional analysis helps us understand unfamiliar ways of life (ex: Amish) D. Cultural universals – traits that are part of every known culture II. Social-Conflict B. Benefits some members at expense of others C. Culture is shaped by society’s system of economic production D. rooted in philosophy of materialism (pg 61) F. stressing divisiveness of culture, understates ways in which cultural patterns integrate member of society III. A. sociobiology 1. theoretical approach that explores ways in which human biology affects how we create culture 2. rests on theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” 3. natural selection - organisms change over long period of time B. high culture - society’s elite C. popular culture - widespread among society’s population D. subculture - set apart some segment of society’s population E. many view US as melting pot 1. nationalities blend into single “American“ culture 2. How accurate is melting pot image? a. Subcultures involve not just difference by hierarchy b. What we view as dominant or mainstream culture - view the lives of disadvantaged people as “subculture” F. Multiculturalism 1. Perspective recognizing cultural diversity of US and promoting respect and equal standing for all cultural traditions 2. English way of life a. Historians reported events from English & European point of view b. Eurocentric i. Dominance of European cultural patterns 3. Language a. Controversial issue b. Afro centrism i. Promoting African cultural patterns ii. Strategy for correcting centuries of ignoring the culture
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G. E pluribus Unum 1. “out of many, one” a. Symbolizes not only our national political union but also the idea that the varied experiences of immigrants from around the world come together to form new ways of life 2. Criticism a. Encourages divisiveness rather than unity b. Multiculturalism actually arms c. Global war on terror spotlighted multiculturalism i. Defense of values and a way of life
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Soc Notes 2 - Functions of Culture I Structural-Functional...

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