POL 429B Notes 11/3/08

POL 429B Notes 11/3/08 - nimbyism public participation =...

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those who write laws embodied in rules are not elected; accountable through  indirect means managerial perspective= maximize social welfare Puralism= a public good was to be debated and arrived at by negotiation among  interests Popular democracy= stresses the act of participation and interaction among  adversarial interests, but that interaction is viewed less as a competitive  negotiation than as a way to identify the common good and then act on shared  goals interest groups recently have and are expected to negotiate and eventually agree  on policy outcomes; they shape policy outcomes environmental policymaking= wicked problem greater participation in decision making has been viewed as possible remedy to 
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Unformatted text preview: nimbyism public participation = mechanisms instituted to involve the lay public or their representatives in administration decisionmaking scientists = whether they are certain or uncertain, they still perceive lower factor of risk more willing to update their beliefs if they are uncertain environmentalists more willing to adjust greater belief of threat Wicked Problems – problems that really have no immediate solution and are more long term that only have temporary solutions Managerial/Pluralist/Popular Risk Assessment Score – use scores to determine how they perceive risk of nuclear waste; risk and understanding/competence Asymmetry in Updating Beliefs --...
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POL 429B Notes 11/3/08 - nimbyism public participation =...

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