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POL 429B Notes 11/10/08

POL 429B Notes 11/10/08 - individuals conditions in mind...

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Protective armor of landed property – land allotted and said that it is used for a specific reason; landed property usually reserved for middle and upper class; their protective armor is power of being able to get in office and make zoning laws; way of protecting their interests. Distance decay – opposition and interaction decreases as distance increases. The farther away you are, the less likely it will affect you; bullard had same kind of idea; drawing circles around ideas = moheim and Bryant Attitude behavior model – how you will perceive a threat or event keeping an
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Unformatted text preview: individuals conditions in mind; distance and risk; how they will perceive if they have children; the CONTENT of the facility/who it will bring into your neighborhood is the largest determinant of how they perceive it/their attitude Centrality of production relations – bourgeoisie versus the proletariat; lower class does not necessarily pay/contribute to taxes for housing; thinking in a Marxist mindset. Middle and upper class are the ones contributing to society; way you work and how you get paid is where you are in society....
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