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POL 353 Paper

POL 353 Paper - Change of Legitimacy Michael LeBeau POL 353...

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Change of Legitimacy. Michael LeBeau 11/18/08 POL 353
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The opposite of utopianism is undefined change. More specifically, an idealistic view of a perfect situation or place occurring that is then contrasted by a view that lacks any specifics or properties. These terms are straightforward and can be mentally grasped, but how about when they are applied to a particular context, say for example, a presidential election? Are they as simple to comprehend? To the dismay of an ignoramus, they might not have the privilege of thinking in such a complex manner, but then again, they are ignorant so who is to say would really care. We have all have heard that ignorance is bliss, but for those who do have the capacity or want to examine and correlate the concepts to such a topic, their days of unenlightenment will cease to exist. The recent presidential election was indeed a momentous event that will go down in history. The first multi-racial (YES, multi-racial; NOT black. His father was Kenyan and his mother was a Caucasian from Kansas) candidate had been named the president elect. Our country could have even had the first female vice president. With those factors aside, there was a larger message at hand; our country needs help and this new president will be our golden ticket. It is here that our concepts of utopianism and change come into context. While our nation is looking for their savior, broken by the fact that they have just experienced an unpleasant administration and are currently in a state of recession, individuals are willing to take in the most appealing message. We had the right-wing evangelists preaching their message of continued utopianism in the Middle East. Their idea of the subject was that the United States must remain in power and on the offensive against a pre-eminent enemy. These forceful and
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POL 353 Paper - Change of Legitimacy Michael LeBeau POL 353...

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