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Trip to Syracuse Ile: Hullo :, (0.3) Cha: hHe llo is e h::m:: (0.2) .hh-.hh Ile ne the re? Ile: Ya:: h, t his is Ile: [ne, Cha: [.hh Oh hi this's Ch arlie about th't rip teh Sy racuse? Ile: Ye:a: h, Hi (k-ch) Cha: Hi howuh you d oin. Ile: Goo:: [d, Cha: [hhh e:h heh .hhhh I wuz uh:m: (·) .hh I w en' ah:- (0.3) I s poke teh the gi :r- I spoke tih Karen. (Cha): (.hhhh)/(0.4) Cha: And u:m:: (·) i h wz r ea:lly b a:d because s he deci ded of a:ll we ekends fuh t his one tih g o awa :y (0.6) Ile: Wha: t¿ (0.4) Cha: S he deci dih tih go aw ay this weekend. Ile: Yea:h, Cha: .hhhh= (Ile): =.kh[h Cha: [So tha:[:t (Ile): [k-khhh Cha: Y ihknow I r eally don't have a place tuh sta :y. Ile: .hh Oh::: ::.hh (0.2) Ile: .hhh So yih not g'nna go up this weeke n'¿ ( ): (hhh)/(0.2)
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Unformatted text preview: Cha: Nu::h I don't t hink so. Ile: H ow about the fo llowing weekend. (0.8) Cha: .hh D at's the vaca tion isn'it? Ile: .hhhhh Oh :. .hh AL right so:- no ha:ssle, (·) Ile: S[o-Cha: [Y e:h, Ile: Y ihkno:w:: ( ): .hhh Ile: So we'll make it fer ano ther ti:me then. (0.5) Ile: Yihkn ow jis l et me know when yer g'nna go:. Cha: .hh Su re .hh Ile: yihknow that- tha t's awl, whene ver you have intentions'v going .hh let me know. Cha: Ri :ght. Ile: Oka::y ? Cha: O kay,= Ile: =T hanks inneh- e- than:ks: a nyway Charlie, Cha: Ri :ght. Ile: Ok a:y? Cha: O ka[y, Ile: [Ta:ke keyuh Cha: S peak tih you [( ) Ile: [Bye: bye Cha: Bye,...
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