adv 205 3rd exam - Typography(272-readbility...

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Typography(272) -readbility, appropriateness, harmony/appearance, & emphasis. Appearance and arrangement of the ad’s printed matter, hand drawn/computer typed, type has an aesthetic role. Type groups-Serif(274), sans serif. Type measurement-points, display copy is 14 pts or larger, body copy is 12 pts or smaller, picas are a bigger unit of width of columns (6 picas in an inch), legibility-ease to read, CAPITAL letters, reverse type (regular letters), ornamental type . Readability of type characteristics-LARGE, bold, and simple type faces, length of line less than 3 inches, kerning is space between lines, leading is space between lines. Choosing typefaces-harmony of appearance includes complementary fonts/similar sizes. Halftones (274) -shades of gray, screens, lines per inch. Halftone screens-breaks up continuous Print production process (271)-preproduction-production-Prepress phase(276) -printer makes plates from the mechanical, elements of the ad are converted into film negatives which are mounted onto flats, a printing plate prints only one color at a time. Duplication/distribution phase -printing processes include letterpress, offset, rotogravure, & flexography. Binding/finishing Printing in color (276) -four color process, CYMK printing cyan/yellow/magenta/black, pantone matching system. Bleeds(280) -color, type, or visuals that run all the way to the edge of the page. Traps (280) -occurs where the edge of one color or shade overlaps its neighbor by a fraction of an inch to make sure the white paper underneath doesn’t show through. Production budget busters (269) - inadequate planning/lack of preparation, production luxuries (lunch), overtime, special equipment, and hierarchy of decisions. Radio production (270/280commercial put on back) -radio commercials (spots) are least expensive electronic medium, primary costs are talent ( scale -regular charge agreed to in union contract/ residual fee -paid if commercial is extended past scale) & music (original-composing, scoring, orchestration/ stock -prerecorded & available for commercial use). Spots are live or recorded, preproduction/production/postproduction-select best takes, mix vocals/effects, & create master tape. Disadvantages -of live commercials are announcer may be inconsistent in their delivery and sound effects are quite limited. Television production (270/283commercial) -sound/lights/camera/action, different type of lights can enhance a scene, commercials-may require hundreds of people and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, production choices-film and/or videotape, lights: key fill back, on set/location. Postproduction-select best takes, edit visuals/vocals/effects, create answer print, after approval master print. Length of commercial affects its design. Sound/music/motion=multimedia, multimedia+computer technology=digital media.
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adv 205 3rd exam - Typography(272-readbility...

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