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Team # : ______________ TA: ______________ AEM 241 Marketing Plan Development Showcase Grading Guide Content of Display (start at 35, + or – 5 points) Points/Comments Are the main elements of plan highlighted? Could you tell what type of business it was? Could you tell what the plan was trying to do? Were the 3 P’s illustrated clearly? Did the showcase contain all of the promotional materials? Display Aesthetics (start at 35, + or – 5 points) Is the display visually appealing? 
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Unformatted text preview: Is it well constructed? It is distinctiveunique? Is everything easy to read? Oral Pitch (start at 10, + or 5 points) Was there energy and enthusiasm? Did they convince you that you should adopt the plan? Was it memorized? Did it keep within 3 minutes? Did all members participate? Professionalism (5 points) Appropriate attire and manners for group members Total Comments...
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