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Final Plan Grading Guidelines CONTENT (92 points) POINTS Does the executive summary present a clear, concise picture of both the  business and the purpose of the proposed marketing plan? (7 points) Is the organization described adequately? (3points) Are the target markets described in detail (3 points) Has a specific market need been identified and clearly stated? (3 points) Has a comprehensive SWOT analysis been carried out? (5 points) Is the competition adequately described? (3 points) Has one specific, measurable, achievable and realistic objective been clearly  stated? (5 points) Is there a clear implementation plan developed for the promotional tactics? (5  points) Has the new product been clearly described in detail? (5 points)
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Unformatted text preview: Are the promotional tactics described clearly ? (5 points) Are the promotional tactics realistic and feasible? (5 points) Does the plan provide examples of the promotional tactics? (5 points) Does the conclusion present a concise and persuasive argument for why the business should adopt the marketing plan? (5 points) Is the entire plan consistent with the brand footprint? (10 points) Is the plan internally consistent? (8 points) Did the team incorporate TA feedback? (15 points) WRITING/FORMAT (8 points) Is the plan concise and clearly written? Is the plan free of spelling and grammatical errors? Is the plan professionally constructed and formatted? TOTAL COMMENTS...
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