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Final Exam Politics 17 Fall 2007 Prof. Roger Schoenman The exam is due in Merrill Faculty Services at 4:00pm on Monday, December 10th, 2007 . Late exams will not be accepted !!!!. You are to write two 3-5 page essays in response to one question from Part A and one question from Part B. Please be sure to indicate which question you are answering . Remember to organize your essays, define your terms, cite specific authors, and use illustrative examples. A complete answer will draw on points covered in lectures or readings to argue for a position. A good essay will be well grounded in relevant readings . You will do poorly if you do not cite widely (at least 3 readings for each essay – 6 total) . You can discuss your arguments with others but you cannot work together. Part A 1. Are free trade areas like NAFTA beneficial to the United States or are they an outcome of globalization? On the one hand, aren’t lost jobs just a sign that we are not competitive and free trade makes the problem worse? On the other: after all,
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