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Psych 65 Writing Assignment Who Are You Really and Who Are You At Your Very Best? One of the central interests of Humanistic Psychology is the study of the person at his or her optimum or best. Who are you in peak mode? What are your unique talents, what is your passion, your "bliss"? At the same time, or perhaps prior to that question, who are you really, that is, beneath the surface personality that you present to the world? Are you a hierarchy of deficiency need-states, are you a free intentional being capable of autonomous choice, or are you perhaps a "cauldron full of seething
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Unformatted text preview: excitations"? Throughout this quarter we will consider these questions in lectures and in readings. You will strive to answer them for yourself and, finally, in a 7-10 page paper for me. Your final draft should include appropriate references to theory and thought gained from lecture and reading. It should also be as true and honest a reflection of how you see yourself as possible. Enjoy! The paper is due June 6....
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