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Assignment #1.2008

Assignment #1.2008 - Politics 160A Fall 2008 Assignment#1...

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Politics 160A, Fall 2008 Assignment #1 In this essay, you are to apply Waltz's three images as well as a critical social theory approach to a contemporary issue in world politics (in this instance, the Georgia-Russia brouhaha in August). You will need to do some historical research into your issue, and be sure to cite your sources properly (these can be newspaper and magazine articles, since not much else is available). You are to (a) write about how the three images can be applied to this issue (individuals, "state," "system"); and (b) select a critical approach--feminist theory, cultural materialism, or post-colonial theory--and use your chosen theory to similarly analyze the issue and to critique the Waltzian approach in the first part of your paper . In writing the first part of your paper, be sure to distinguish between arguments, claims, and behaviors that arise from first image sources (individual, group, societal), second image sources (roles and positions, divisions of labor or tasks,
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