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Assignment #2 - Assignment#2 Policy Brief Politics 160A...

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Assignment #2: Policy Brief Politics 160A, Fall 2008 This assignment involves preparation of a 5-page policy brief (see the attached for guidelines) . You are a policy intern in the Office of the Prime Minister of a large, powerful, and wealthy country. You have been asked to write a brief on one of the topics listed below . This is not an essay, an op-ed piece, or something based on Web surfing and Wikipedia. It is a brief based on scholarly and other credible and reputable sources. Your brief is due, in class, on Tuesday, November 25. Your paper should be 1,250 words in length, typed, and double-spaced (5 pages of 12 point type, with 1 inch margins; additional pages will not be read or graded). You must include citations and a complete bibliography in the proper form (see below; the bib does not count toward the 1,250 words). Be sure to number pages, staple them together, and to include your name and section on the first page. Do not wait
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