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Genetically Modified Corn - Genetically Modified Corn By:...

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Genetically Modified Corn By: Troy Zitzelsberger The desire to produce the most optimal crop has been around for centuries take for example selective breeding. Through this process, farmers have been able to produce superior yields by planting seeds from desirable plants (GMO and Biosafety 8). With selective breeding being practiced for centuries, it was only a matter of time until a more efficient, faster way of crop production came to be. This superior model came in the form of genetically modified organisms. Scientists are able to genetically modify organisms by taking a gene that controls a desired trait from one organism and putting it into the DNA of another thus producing the desired traits in the GMO (GMO and Biosafety 9). A certain cash crop than can be found in almost any grocery store, restaurant, or kitchen that has become a popular genetically modified organism is corn. GM corn has many benefits that its organic counter part lacks. Genetically modified corn can strengthen the economy because it can be produced easier and faster than normal corn. Genetically modified corn has many benefits. Among these benefits are it is less susceptible to diseases than organic corn and because of this it can be produced in greater quantities while requiring less land. The increased corn production can also strengthen the economy (Iowa Corn). GM corn, in one instance, has been crossed with bacillus thuringiensis which is a bacterium that kills certain insects. The insects that Bt kills are known to have caused more than 1.2 billion dollars worth of crop damage. Through genetically modifying corn to
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Genetically Modified Corn - Genetically Modified Corn By:...

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