Lecture Notes - Social Relations

Lecture Notes - Social Relations - Pygmies today The Pygmy...

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Making of the Modern World 1: Prehistory and the Birth of Civilization Professor Scott L. Vandehey Fall 2008, Track D “Social Relations of Foragers” Oct. 20 th , 2008 First Midterm 0. Friday, Oct. 24 th 1. Section D01 (Wed 4:00) 0. Take exam in WLH 2115 2. Material through BaMbuti 3. Scantron 1. Green 2. Half sheet, 50 questions per side 3. Form 882-ES 4. Large themes first 5. Supporting details second 6. Multiple choice 7. Short essays Nanook 0. Use of natural environment 1. Kinship and family 2. Migration 3. Little property 4. Small groups 5. Division of labor Overview of the day 6. The end of foraging 7. The Pygmy Camp 8. Pygmy Marriage 9. Social Discord 10. Restoring Social Harmony End of Foraging
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11. Environmentally marginal areas 12. No fully traditional or full-time foragers left 13. Spread of agriculture = decline of foraging End of the Pygmies? 14. Pygmies vs. “Negros” 15. Kenge is taken out of the forest 16.
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Unformatted text preview: Pygmies today The Pygmy Camp 17. 5 6 families 18. Marital ties 19. Hunting 20. Division of food 21. Cephu vs. the main camp 22. Cooperation is primary concern Pygmy Marriage 23. Sister exchange 0. Value of women 1. Alliance & bonds 2. Security 24. Elima ceremony 25. Marriage 3. Agreement of all families involved 4. Proving worthiness Social Discord 26. About individuals threatening group solidarity 27. Cephu and hunting 28. Kelemoke and incest Restoring Harmony 29. Cooperation is always fundamental and fights must be resolved quickly 30. Always a communal effort 31. Even when fights seem between individuals 5. Shouting 6. Physically fighting Methods of Restoring Harmony 32. Joking / ridicule 33. Ignoring 34. Taking of food 35. Ostracism 36. Old man syndrome 37. Molimo rampages...
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Lecture Notes - Social Relations - Pygmies today The Pygmy...

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