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Lecture Notes - Sources - 4. Natural variation 5. Not all...

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Making of the Modern World 1: Prehistory and the Birth of Civilization Professor Scott L. Vandehey Fall 2008, Track D “Sources” Sept. 29 th , 2008 Introduction to Section 1 / Questions we will address 0. What makes humans human? 1. How did the human species develop? 2. What limitations are set by our biological evolution? 3. What capacities were acquired through our evolution? 4. What inclinations were established by our early origins? Theoretical Models Used In Section 1 0. Adaptation (Biological and Cultural) 1. Evolution 2. Classification Foraging – Section 1 0. Most common most of subsistence throughout human history 1. Early Homo sapiens – archaeological data 2. Living foragers: BaMbuti – ethnographic data Biological Adaptation 3. Not individual process
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Natural variation 5. Not all genes passed on to offspring 6. Biological success 7. Natural selection Evolution 8. Gradual genetic transformation 9. Explains relations between living things 10. Speciation 11. Non-directional Geologic Time 12. 4.5 billion year old Earth 13. Common ancestor to chimpanzees – 6 to 7 million years ago 14. First Homo sapiens – approx. 200,000 years ago Africa 15. Big, diverse continent 16. Africa today ≠ Africa 7 million years ago 17. Africa today ≠ Africa 200,000 years ago Dating Archaeological Material 18. Radiometric 19. Volcanic bracketing 20. Context dating Evidence for Human Evolution 21. Human similarity to apes 22. Fossils 23. DNA...
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Lecture Notes - Sources - 4. Natural variation 5. Not all...

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