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Marketing Chapter 10 Text Notes The Variations of Products Product Line and Product Mix o Product line: group of products that are closely related b/c they satisfy a class of needs, are used together, are sold to the same customer group, distributed thru the same type of outlets, or fall within a given price range o Product item: specific product as noted by a unique brand, size or price o SKU: stock keeping unit o Product Mix: # of product lines offered by a company Classifying Products o Type of User Consumer goods: products purchased by ultimate consumer Business goods: products that assist directly or indirectly in providing products for resale o Degree of Tangibility Nondurable good: item consumed in one or a few uses. Durable good: one that lasts over an extended # of uses Appliances, automobiles, stereo equipment Services: Activities, benefits, or satisfactions offered for sale Marketing research, health care, education Classifying consumer and business goods o Classification of consumer goods o much effort Shopping goods: consumer compares several alternatives on criteria like price, quality and style Specialty goods: consumer makes special effort to search and buy e.x. rolex watch Unsought goods: items consumer either does not know about or knows
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Marketing Chapter 10 Text Notes about but does not initially want o Classification of Business Goods Major characteristic: sales of business goods are often the result of derived demand (sales of business and industrial goods freq. Result from the sale of consumer goods) pg 257 Production goods Items used in the manufacturing process that become part of the final product (Raw materials) Sell directly to industrial users Support Goods Items used to assist in producing other goods and services
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CH 10 text notes - MarketingChapter10TextNotes...

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