ITM xam 2 review - eBusiness Chapter 3 What is eBays...

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eBusiness – Chapter 3 What is eBays eBusiness model, why successful? Which online auction are they using? eAuction What metrics would you use to measure eBays efficiency/effectiveness? What business challenges face eBay, how are they addressing them? eBusiness Models and Business Types- B2B ( emarketplace -interactive business communities providing a central market where multiple buyers/sellers can engage in ebusiness activities), B2C (eshop-online retail store, emall-many eshops), C2B ( will increase due to desire for convenience and lower prices), C2C . Pure play -a business that operates only online w/out a physical store Click and mortar -business that operates online and has a physical store Brick and mortar -business that only has a physical store E-business model -an approach to conducting electronic business on the internet. E-commerce -buying/selling of goods over the internet. Electronic auction -eauction, sellers/buyers solicit consecutive bids from each other & prices are determined dynamically. Forward auction -sellers use a selling channel to many buyers & highest bid wins Reverse auction -buyers use to purchase a product/service selecting the seller w/lowest bid . Which does ebay use? eBusiness Measurements-definitions, how used, which are most common/effective. Measuring e-business success -many company’s measure this by the amount of traffic the website receives, this is not the way to go. Cookie -allow web sites to record comings/goings of customers, click through -count of # of people who visit one site & click on an advertisement that takes them to the advertisers site (measures ad exposure), banner ad -advertises products/services of another business (cost depends on # of hits), interactivity -measures visitor interactions with target ad. Web site metrics -clickstream data tracks the exact pattern of a consumer’s navigation through a web site. Visitor metrics (unidentified-no info available /unique-recognized & counted only once over some time /session-id available allowing responses to be tracked in a visit /tracked-id given can be tracked over multiple visits/identified-id & info available allowing person to be tracked and recorded over multiple visits), exposure metrics (page-# of times a web site has been viewed in given time period, site-# of visitor sessions at a web site in a given time period), visit metrics (stickiness-visitor duration time, raw visit depth-total web page exposure per session, visit depth- total unique web pages exposure per session) hitmetrics (hits-elements of a page are recorded as
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ITM xam 2 review - eBusiness Chapter 3 What is eBays...

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