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hw6_Sol - The University of Michigan Department of...

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The University of Michigan Department of Mechanical Engineering ME 320 - Section 1 Homework #6 - Due Friday October 24, 2008 by 10:00am Problem 1: Problems 5.41 and 5.51 of the text. Problem 2: (a) Problem 5.40 of the text. (b) The results of a wind tunnel test to determine the drag on a body are summarized below. The upstream (section 1) velocity is uniform at 100 ft/s. The static pressures are given by p 1 = p 2 = 14 . 7 psia. The downstream velocity distribution, which is symmetrical about the centerline is given by u = 100 - 30 parenleftbigg 1 - | y | 3 parenrightbigg | y |≤ 3ft u = 100 | y | > 3ft where u is the velocity in ft/s and y is the distance on either side of the centerline in feet. Assume that the body shape does not change in the direction normal to the paper. Calculate the drag force (reaction force in x direction) exerted on the air by the body per unit length normal to the plane of the sketch.
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Problem 3: (a) Problems 5.56 and 5.58 of the text. (b) A cart which can roll freely in the x-direction deflects water from a parallel jet (in the
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