MSC 300 exam 2 - MSC 300 exam 2 Organizational Markets D...

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MSC 300 exam 2 Organizational Markets D type -buying style-want best deal, like to beat the system, need choices, purchase based on if the product will make them more respected/stronger. Servicing style-want problems solved immediately, can be difficult, let them feel in charge. I type -buying style-purchase with hearts, impulsive, want products that make them look good, ability to persuade turns them into the salesperson to get a better deal. Servicing style-exaggerate problems, promise more then company can provide, get emotionally attached, great verbal skills. S type -slow decision makers, relationship oriented, concerned with service/stability. Servicing style-hate confronting problems, gentle/accommodating, can act like Ds if pushed in corner, take advantage of, make customers happy, apologize for problems. C types -buying style-consumer report, research each product, quality buyers, use coupons, picky and precise, don’t like cheap products, slow purchasers. Servicing style-picky customers, unbending, need to be more tolerant/understanding, get in debated over right and wrong. *Help D quickly/respectfully, service I friendly/enthusiastically, respond to S with sweetness/security, service C with patience/answers. Under promise-over deliver Business marketing -marketing of goods/services to companies, gov, or not for profit organizations for use in the creation of goods/services that they can produce/market to others. Organizational buyers -manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and gov agencies that buy goods and services for their own use or for resale. Manufacturers buy raw materials and parts that they reprocess into the finished goods they sell. Wholesalers/resellers-resell the goods they buy w/out reprocessing them. Organizational buyers-include all buyers except ultimate consumers. Divide into 3 catergories: Industrial markets -include over 12 million firms, industrial firms (reprocess a product/service they buy before selling it again to the next buyer.) Reseller markets -wholesalers/retailers that buy physical products and resell them again w/out any reprocessing. Government markets -gov units are the federal/state/local agencies that buy goods/services for the constituents they serve. Organizational buying behavior -decision making process that organizations use to establish the need for products/services and identify, evaluate, and choose among alternative brands/suppliers. Characteristics-demand characteristics, size of purchase order, # of potential buyers. Buying objectives of business firms is to increase profit through reducing costs/increasing revenues. Non profit and gov agencies objectives are to meet the needs of groups they serve. Reverse Marketing -effort by organizational buyers to build relationships that shape suppliers’ products, services, and capabilities to fit a buyers needs and those of its customers. Buyer-supplier relationships
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MSC 300 exam 2 - MSC 300 exam 2 Organizational Markets D...

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