Scheme1forTEST2 - Scheme 1 O RCH2CCH2R H2O, H3O+, heat 1)...

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Unformatted text preview: Scheme 1 O RCH2CCH2R H2O, H3O+, heat 1) DIBAL , 2) H O + 3 NaCN 2) H3O+ RCH2CN RCH2MgBr 1) CH2=O 2) H3O + 1) CO , 2) 2 H 3O + RCH2CHO CrO3 H2SO4 PCC Tollen's or CrO3, H2SO4 RCH2CH2OH PCC RCH2CO2H Tollen's or CrO3, H2SO4 Mg ether RCH2CH2CHO CrO3, H2SO4 1) O + 2) H3O RCH2CH2CH2OH RCH2CH2CO2H 1) R'CHO 2) H3O+ O 1) R'CR'' 2) H3O+ O 1) R'COCH3 2) H3O+ OH RCH2CHR' CrO3 H2SO4 O RCH2CR' H2, Pd/C, heat, pressure RCH2Br OH RCH2CR'' R' OH (RCH2)2CR' CuI Li RCH2Li (RCH2)2CuLi + O) , 2) H3O 1) LiHAl(t-Bu 3 O 's Catalyst or H2, Lindlar 2) H3O+ O RCH2CR H2 Pd/C NaOH RCHO RCCl H2, Pd/C RCH2OH PCC CrO3, H2SO4 Tollen's or CrO3, H2SO4 SOCl2 RCO2H ...
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