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Nicole Crowe A3998976 Biotechnology commonly defined as the use of living organisms or their products to enhance the human environment and health. Biotechnology is used in various forms all over the world today. Since the beginning of civilization in the prehistoric times, when the first group of people figured out that they could grow their own crops and mate animals to get what they wanted, this was a form of biotechnology. Also, one of the earliest forms of biotechnology was the fermentation process by which our ancestors made bread, wine and beer. Selective breeding in dogs is a form of biotechnology because it has to do with mating dogs with certain personalities, color, instincts, or build to achieve the type of dog with the breeders desired characteristic. Canine breeders all over the world use selective breeding to some degree whether it’s in a large kennel or right out of their own household. The selective breeding process in dogs is accomplished through a variety of steps done by the breeder. First, the breeder must manipulate the phenotype or trait desired by observing various dogs’ behaviors, looks; to find two dogs with a trait they know is dominant in both dogs. Once the breeder has found two dogs with dominant alleles of the preferred trait, such as the instinct to herd sheep found in dogs like the Australian shepherd. The two dogs are then bred together creating puppies! Since both parents possessed the same dominant trait, then at least one or more of their offspring has acquired all of theses desirable traits from the parents. The breeder then identifies that puppy as a
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selective breeding PAPER - Nicole Crowe A3998976...

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