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ideas for paper 4 - Comm Paper: Discuss Marx and Engels...

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Comm Paper: Discuss Marx and Engel’s quote and how globalization is occurring and free trade is everywhere—culture is an industry, selling TV radio and Pop music. Counter Argument that TV and Pop Music are not eroding national borders and creating an internationally uniform culture because Frith says Pop music helps people become individuals because music does not reflect people but it produces and creates individuals. Therefore it means experiencing ourselves, not just the world in a different way (109 Music and Identity). He argues that identity is mobile and since it is a process it will never remain the same, inhibiting culture from becoming uniform. It constructs what people are or a group. It can explain how groups of people are going to be constructed from then on. About creating/imagining ideas for us, not telling us what already exists However, because pop music constructs us and creates our personalities, if the same songs exist everywhere then wouldn’t the supposed individuals that it creates be everywhere? Although Frith would not agree with this, I argue that while pop music helps to create individuals. The reason it exists is for profit and therefore it is produced for the masses. With this in mind it would appear that if pop music constructs individuals
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ideas for paper 4 - Comm Paper: Discuss Marx and Engels...

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