Holocaust Lecture after midterm

Holocaust Lecture after midterm - AFTER MIDTERM: 2/19/08...

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AFTER MIDTERM: 2/19/08 PHASES in which the Nazi policy towards Jews changed dramatically; only Jews in German, second 2 phases deal with Jews in Europe I. 1933-1939= Emigration and Anti-Jewsish Legistlation o 1933 Hitler was appointed to chancellor, he did not run on platform of genocide, he did not speak about murdering Jews and Jews in other countries, only talking about Jews in Germnay and how they shouldn’t be integrated fully in German society o Came to power during political, social, and economic problems o At his peak only received 37.4% of vote Male middle class and protestant were main voters=shows that poor people weren’t the ones voting for Hitler—they voted for communist People who voted for Hitler : mid-sized cities to small towns (not big cities) middle class, lower middle class Catholics did not vote for Hitler before 1933 because Pope forbade it because they had their own catholic party AND mainly because the Nazi party based importance on blood and that really went against Catholicism because people could convert to be Catholics they weren’t always born catholic. Protestantism was born in Germany and they were much more excited about Hitler partly because of race and cultural purity and also because there was a lack of democratic differentiation between church and state, authoritarian type of system German Christianity: reconcile Nazism and Christianity, blended the 2 together o Path to extermination “A twisted Road to Auschwitz” o Hitler didn’t plan to kill the Jews when he came to power in 1932—trace how it happened and Hitler made the decisions and how his army made those kinds of decisions o Nazism running on 25 point plan right when they came to power, no blueprint for power just a few principles that they ran on What happened between 33 and 39 is pretty much what the 25-point plan called for Making Jews into second class, redefining citizenship based on race, expelling them in some instances, and removing them from positions where they had power to shape culture like in press, artistry, military o If you were a Nazi advisor and concerned about the Nazi fate in Germany what would you advise Hitler produce: propaganda to get people to believe and be on same page as you, get rid of elections and opposition —consolidate his power, nevermind race, mein kampf—in the first few months he had to consolidate his power—within first 18 months Manipulated public opinion Took control of police, armed forces, and government institutions Communism was his biggest threat, so he had to eliminate the threat from the left First month into his reign—Feb 27 Reichstag Fire—Nazis set it themselves. .? Parliament building in Berlin—Hitler used this as a pretext to pass the enabling law
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Holocaust Lecture after midterm - AFTER MIDTERM: 2/19/08...

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