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Kaplan : Talks a lot about the effects of male and female, what was the difference between children and adults not just gender? -gender could be a matter of life and death, the Nazis bullied men more and spared women more, a lot of Parisian models were Jewish and they were considered beautiful. Children would probably be treated differently -according to Kaplan women weren’t that integrated into community because their status was in the home whereas the men were part of businesses and were part of German economy more, and more involved in politics and such, so this is why Jewish men didn’t want to leave as much according to her. Men’s identity is emphasized by their jobs. Jewish men are more reluctant to leave but in the end more men than women immigrated WHY? Because women had the caretaker responsibility and stayed back with elders and family and men seemed to be more in danger so they should’ve left first. Men more often had family contact outside of Germany, business and family. Most of the kids that leave are more boys than
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Unformatted text preview: women because they are doing more manual labor there. Women could also still have some Jobs because they were more available in the Jewish community, they were caregivers nannies and etc even for Germans whereas men didnt have these types of jobs in the economy. 2 Memoirs :-Soldier memoir: Edwin fought for Germany, he thought of himself first as German and second as a Jew, they see themselves as citizens so he had an identity crisis.-Story about the kids that go to school: at school they seemed to be in touch with what teachers were being told to teach them by Nazis, and because she was Jewish a girl had to sit in the back of the room. FOR ESSAY: NEED atleast ONE BOOK, 1-2 ARTCILES (shorter and denser)can u still use less than 5 pg if , use 4 DIFFERENT scholars. Build argument around different authors opinions TURN IN BIBLIOGRAPHY with one page summary of sources WEEK before term paper is due you can bring rough draft in to TA...
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