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Discussion section: 2/7/08 Eugenics essay: -Use eugenics in racial science argument. . -pick out major points—why industrialization means that people are no longer working independently and no longer working for someone else. Crisis in masculinity, creation of hierarchy, mass of new people who look different coming into country and creating race distinctions creates a part of culture in US. What happens— better babies, killing others, institutionalizing Spielvogel article: Infantile, charming vs. angry, very serious, no sense of humor, self conscious-fear failure, Two different types of explanations for Hitler’s actions: spielvogel —studying his attributes, as opposed to analyzing a dead guy in ways that is not useful—he has one testicle…? To understand his affect on other people But psychoanalyzing makes him seem different than other people when he still is similar to people. . “something went wrong with him”…how is it relative to what happened in the holocaust
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Unformatted text preview: Wagner essay: Primary source for exam: Why did we read it? What is significant? o Excerpt from larger document and harder to follow as an excerpt. o Emancipation of the Jews during this time (1850’s)— dissention in culture because Jews were integrated o Wagner important because he introduces inherently flawed in Jewish artwork, music, and writings. He introduces anti-semitism into culture. .it is natural to feel a repellence towards the jews—there is something flawed about this work o Wagner was a very anti Semitic man and was a very known person. Wrote this after Mendelson died, and the fact that mendelson wanted to go back to traditional writing and Wagner didn’t and hated this—Jews return to classical music and don’t produce anything new, but contradicts when they say Jews produce weird new stuff—too modern. .? Sometimes things don’t make sense and there is no rational way to explain it, many contradictions....
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