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  Advantages Disadvantages  Brightfield  Microscopy -very simple, with limited  preparation -original color of specimen  retained -low contrast of biological samples -low resolution -hard to see transparent cells -hard to find cells  Darkfield  Microscopy    -shape is clearly seen -produces contrast (especially  effective on transparent things) -can’t see much detail -hard to distinguish parts -original color lost -low resolution  Phase Contrast  Microscopy -high resolution -could see detail and contents  more clearly -identifying small objects is  easier  -harder to see boundaries
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Unformatted text preview: -hard to find cells of sample Fluorescence Microscopy -easy to see marked details due to fluorescent stain-view structures within cells whose size is much less than the limits of resolution for light microscopy-hard to prepare-uses UV light need to use goggles-DAPI is dangerous more caution needed Methylene Blue Staining-easy to see internal cell parts-increased color contrast -takes time to prepare drying time-kills cell-some extraneous stain is present...
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