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Exercise 2 Analysis 5. a. Built-in illuminator b. Binocular 6. The area of focus is smaller so while the Paramecium are moving at the same rate, they’re moving across the focused area faster. 7. The differences in the densities and refractive indexes of the cell structures probably cause a difference in the phase of light passing through. The density differences let you see the image like a person would see something through a window. 8. Using I 2 +KI allows us to see parts of the Paramecium more clearly than before they were stained. It also stopped the Paramecium from moving so we could observe a more stable subject.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. I think the Paramecium were the same species. They resembled each other, but the dry mount had been dead for some time and the wet mount was recently alive so they were in different states. 10. Permanent dry mounts have cells that aren’t moving and are prepared. Their cells are also not very viable since they’ve been dead for a while. Wet mounts, however, have living cells and interactions which is beneficial for observation. The Paramecium cells were constantly moving around which made it hard to make measurements....
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