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Photo Syllabus - Art 19 Introduction to Photography | FALL...

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Art 19: Introduction to Photography | FALL 2008 Professor: Richard Ross [email protected] TAs: Calico Brown [email protected] Karen Spector [email protected] Course website: enrollment key/password: difficult Requirements: There are 4 main critiques. NOTHING will be accepted late. NOTHING. You may have an excuse, but it is your excuse, not mine. I don’t do excuses! You must be at each crit WITH your work. NO EXCUSES! Attendance and participation are mandatory. Show up on time. Do not leave before class is over. If you miss or forget to sign in to more than one lecture you will fail the course. We miss one Monday lecture due to holidays this quarter. You cannot miss more. You will be expected to join and start discussions, to come with questions and engage each other with current materials. YOU are responsible for all the announcements I make during class, via e-mail, and on the website. This course has an active online website component. You must enroll in the online website; to do this, go to and click on our course Art 19. If it is the first time you have logged into the Moodle system you will need to set up a user account. Wednesdays at noon we share a lecture with Upper Division . Here we have some interesting artists and photographers come and talk about their work and lives. Bring a lunch, be on time, and give them your attention and appreciation. IF you are interested in following up with them, frequently we can do internships and help you get assistant positions. Grading: Grading is evaluated with regard to the project’s ambition, the consistent development of the work, attendance and participation, and engagement
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with the work as well as the work of others.
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Photo Syllabus - Art 19 Introduction to Photography | FALL...

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