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The Middle East: Religions in Collisions Jeff Haynes Summary : There has been a constant dispute/division since the founding of the State of Israel between the Jews and Arabs. The dispute is over land, however, the symbol of religion has been the topic of the dispute due to religion being a factor within politics. Islam and Politics : In the Quran, it portrays the faith which integrates religion and politics together. Although many may perceive this within Islamic states, within Islamic history, there has always been signs of where major decisions were made without religion influencing the state and vice versa. Because the misunderstanding of Islamists its appropriate to see them as a religion moving towards reformation and revolution. Judaism and Politics: “the people of Israel think of themselves as a nation inhabiting a Jewish State created by their covenant with God.” With the history of hardships that the Jewish people had gone through, especially the Holocaust, it was the factor in founding the State of Israel. Analysis : I agree with the fact that the religion of Islam and Judaism takes over the attention of the dispute over the land, which is actually the real matter at hand. However at the same time, Jeff only focuses on the history and the practice of both religions separately when I believe a comparison would be more useful and applicable to the issue of ‘Religions in Collisions’. Discussion Questions : Why is religion play such a big factor within the dispute? Is it justifiable that Israel get the land that was given to them from Britain? “The War for Islam” Reza Aslan Summary: Reza focuses the topic on Islamic Reformation that is occurring today amongst Muslims. She gives the reader history and background information on the Islam faith and how the religious leaders become who they are. Concept/Idea : There is an Islamic Reformation that is occurring where almost anyone can read the holy book and interpret what is good and evil for them. Before, a Muslim cleric or scholar always taught the Islamic faith. Osama bin Laden is a man who the Islamic leaders see as a threat. As technology rises in the Middle East, there is more freedom of speech. Osama uses technology to his advantage to spread his teachings across the Middle East.
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Glob2_M6_W4_Stephanie - The Middle East Religions in...

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