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Thursday, October 4, 2007 1 BioSci 110 Evolution pre-assessment Please put your name and PID on the scantron sheet and completely darken responses according to the following questions. Your answers to these questions will assess your understanding of the Theory of Natural Selection. Please choose the answer that best reflects how a biologist would think about each question. Galapagos finches Scientists have long believed that the 14 species of finches on the Galapagos Islands evolved from a single species of finch that migrated to the islands one to five million years ago (Lack, 1940). Recent DNA analyses support the conclusion that all of the Galapagos finches evolved from the warbler finch (Grant, Grant & Petren, 2001; Petren, Grant & Grant, 1999). Different species live on different islands. For example, the medium ground finch and the cactus finch live on one island. The large cactus finch occupies another island. One of the major changes in the finches is in their beak sizes and shapes as shown in this figure. Choose the one answer that best reflects how an evolutionary biologist would answer. 1.What would happen if a breeding pair of finches were placed on an island under ideal conditions with no predators and unlimited food so that all individuals survived? Given enough time, a. the finch population would stay small because birds only have enough babies to replace themselves. b. the finch population would double and then stay relatively stable. c. the finch population would increase dramatically. d. the finch population would grow slowly and then level off. 2. Finches on the Galapagos Islands require food to eat and water to drink. a. When food and water are scarce, some birds may be unable to obtain what they need to survive.
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BS110_pretest_-_multiple_choice - BioSci 110 Evolution...

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