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Cody Mizuno Global Studies 2, Mon. 6:00 Jihad v. McWorld Summary: Benjamin Barber discusses the connection and similarities of the ideas of Jihad and the concept of the McWorld. Both shares a similarity Barber describes as creating “war on the sovereign nation-states and thus undermin(ing) the nation-state democratic institutions”. Although the ideas of Jihads and the McWorld are completely opposite, Barber uses the two idea’s opposition toward democracy to tie the two ideas together, even going as far as saying that the “Jihad not only revolts against but abets McWorld, while McWorld not only imperils but recreates and reinforces Jihad”. New Concept/Ideas McWorld- “forges global markets rooted in consumption and profit, leaving to an untrustworthy…invisible hand issues of public interest and common good that once might have been nurtured by democratic citizenries and their watchful government”(pg. 5). The idea of the McWorld seeks capitalism and profit which in turn influences the government in to changing their ideals of democracy which can sometime deflect against capitalism. Jihad- ideas of “identity polities and multicultural diversity (which) represent strategies of a free society trying to give expression to its diversity” (pg. 6). Popular Culture- Popular culture, Barber describes as the gateway which both the McWorld and jihad uses to share its information and ideas. Barber believes that Videology, “usage of sound bites and film clips”, would be effective in “instilling the novel values required for global markets to succeed” (pg. 7) Analysis: Barber makes great points for both Jihad and McWorld to undermine and force out democracy such as warfare for the Jihad and Videology for the McWorld which leads us to believe that there could possibly be a “terminally post democratic” (pg. 9) system. In doing so though, I agree with
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Barber in saying that the McWorld will undermine democracy in the long-run using its “triumph of commerce and its markers” as opposed to the short-run warfare that the Jihad employ because of how effective McWorld’s force is in penetrating the different cultures because of its homogeneity. Discussion Question: What ideas connect Jihad and McWorld? What ideas make them different? What can be done to prevent both Jihad and McWorld from penetrating democratic ideas? Has Globalization Created a Borderless World? Summary: Janet Ceglowski uses the example of the economic relation between Canada and the United States to model the “Globalization” of the economy occurring throughout the world. Ceglowski states the problems with trading between United States and Canada despite the two countries’ similarities and good relations. Canada and the US face barriers including “controls on
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Glob2_M6_Wk3_Cody - Cody Mizuno Global Studies 2, Mon. 6:00...

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