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Video Quiz Note #21 Japan#1.docx - Quiz Video Japan#1 1...

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3/17/17 Quiz Video Japan#1: 1. Konnichiwa! Intro to Japan a. The most western eastern state on planet earth. b. Rising sun c. Land of samurai and geisha girl d. Kimono the dress of a geisha gir e. Bonsai f. Shodo – Japanese dis±nc±ve calligraphy g. Ikebana – Japanese Fower arrangement h. Sumo, sushi, wasabi, sake rice wine, Sapporo karen beers, manga, anime, pokemon, to Pikachu, Godzilla, mechagodzilla. i. Toyota honda, Nissan, isuzu, Suzuki, Subaru, mazda, Kawasaki j. Electronics – Mitsubishi, sony, casio, fuji, yokohama, Nikon, Toshiba, Nintendo k. Number 2 economy. Biggest invested for America for 60 years. 2. Physical World of japan
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