9.4Lecture - Intellectual origins of Nazism and Hitlers...

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Intellectual origins of Nazism and Hitler’s ideology o Scientific racism Set of ideas that gave Nazi’s its unique stance Not just pre-judging people on their appearance Mein Kampf Blueprint of Hitler’s political ideas that he wrote when he was in prison He wrote his ideas in a way that suggests that he is evolved Gives you the impression that he is, in fact, a real thinker Has a great intellectual undertaking What does he say? “Natural selection” o He’s applying the nature model to human society o This idea of breeding the strongest is now applied to human society, which changes what Darwin actually said Nature determines species and separations of species o Hitler twists this by suggesting race is like species and that we shouldn’t interbreed because it would be a disastrous biological mistake Despite using science, there is something innately simple about his ideas o This simple-ness leads to more people being able to think that it might be true Aryan/Semite polarity o Racial mixing would create a lower racial quality child o Jews are pacifists o Jews are the central “other race” o Jews disrupt his idea of a peaceful happy society o Why is this association bad? Pacifism is going outside the laws of nature by not fighting back If you don’t want to fight, you are weak and shouldn’t be alive. If they’re not going to fight- why worry about them because they are going to die out anyways?
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Origins of Scientific Racism Product of European thinking that began in the late 18 th century Product of the Enlightenment o Intellectual revolution where men sought to explain and understand human
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9.4Lecture - Intellectual origins of Nazism and Hitlers...

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