9.18Lecture - 25 Main points document o #10 Jews didnt work...

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25 Main points document o #10 Jews didn’t work because they collected interest o #11 Reference to the Jews o #12 War profiteering was associated with the Jews Anti-Semitism but also Socialism Individuals should not get profit, it should go to the nation o #13 Socialism (never happened) o #14 Socialism (never happened) o #15 Socialism o #16 Department stores took the business away from small businesses Department stores were largely founded by Jews o #23 Jews can’t be working for papers Censorship o Idea of collective good vs. evil Germans are collective good, Jewish individuals are the evil o National community Central idea to the Nazi party Exclusive racially-based community Subordinates the individual o Lebensraum “Living space” Colonial expansion Imperialism Seen especially in #3 o Poses many different ways there may be conflicts Idea of struggle for existence o Collective over individual o Jews should be pushed out of the social and political life Their life will only be permitted as long as it didn’t interfere with anyone  elses lives o
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9.18Lecture - 25 Main points document o #10 Jews didnt work...

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